How to grow your Personal blog on Hashnode

How to grow your Personal blog on Hashnode


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Growing your personal blog on your own domain is not that easy.

It's like a private space in the internet and getting new people to read it is hard.

Hashnode solves this. You can blog on your own domain and also get a community which reacts to your articles.

But when I was just scrolling down Hashnode feed for 20 minutes and I could see that there were many new faces and amazing new articles but had very little engagement . What if I tell you that with a few small tweeks , your blog could actually blow up ๐Ÿš€.

I am not pro at blogging but as a YouTuber, I have learnt a thing or two about growing your online presence. Currently My YouTube Channel has 2M+ views and my blog has 50,000+ total views here on Hashnode.

Hashnode currently doesn't have a custom recommendation algorithm so chances that you get more exposure is still high , compared to medium or

The Basics

If you recently started your blogging journey and confused what to write , here are some recommendations

  • It's fine to share life experiences
  • General Things like your tech interview experience
  • Your first project
  • Your hackathon experience ,etc . (Hashnode and Auth0 currently have a hackathon running where you could win $1000 ) .

When I recently called Tapas Adhikary for some guidance . I asked him how he is consistent and some suggestions for articles , here is what he had to tell

if you were searching something online and it didn't really match the exact problem you were trying to solve. After you figure out the solution to that problem, Write about it.

I have also observed one thing which even I was feeling initially, that is not writing about a particular topic because there are already some articles about it but

If you learnt something recently like react ,Vue or shifted from one framework to the other. Writing just makes your understanding strong, helps beginners and if you forget about something , you can get back to it.

Publishing Checklist

Here is a checklist after you publish your article.

Those were the basics which few still miss out.

Now that you have written an article. Getting initial traction is very important. Post your Blog on Twitter / Reddit and if you are ready for some hate then Hackernews aswell ( it's a rabbit hole, no one knows how something gets viral there, my last post got like 15K views for being number 4 for 3 hours ) .


But Hrithwik , I don't have Twitter or friends on Twitter , what can I do ??

Let's start with me. Just DM me on Twitter and I will retweet your article if I like it.

Also If you are from college, share your blog in your college dev discord / whatsapp groups. Joining Clubs in college has huge upside to your network (But do you know that Hashnode has it's own discord community ? )

This get's you those initial traction especially if your article is something very unique or your dev friends from college have not herd of. If something is interesting people automatically like and comment.

Now if you are serious about writing or anything in life , you need to have a group of friends in the same field. Support your friends , have small talks , collaborate and the support becomes mutual. Developers are one of the nicest and friendly people in the world (atleast everyone who write on hashnode ) .

So I am sure you would have guessed where I am going. Yes community.

  • It's important to have atleast 20-30 people from the same group who are there for you always and you are too.
  • Comment on others stories and react to their stories. This let's people know that you exist and supporting others is always good karma .
  • Linkedin is unnoticed but if you have a bunch of tech connections on LinkedIn you have high chances to get the initial traction from there too .

Additional Tips

In the home page the first two articles are featured posts which stay on top for few hours and if you have more reactions than the third or fourth post you will be the third post and if the article is good enough for a larger audience , your article will be featured on Hashnode. Congratulations ๐ŸŽ‰ image.png

The Second Boost

Hashnode promotes all the good article on their twitter , facebook and linkedin. You get the second boost from their newsletter too. Also some of my viewers also came from Daily. dev

That's it everyone. I hope you get more reach and grow your online presence.

Who am I ?

I am Hrithwik from Mysore , India . I am Curious about startups and tech in general.

I belong to different cults xD . I am a musician , a tech guy , cool college senior and I can also code. So I have multiple groups I hangout with.

I also run a whatsapp newsletter which people love , I share interesting things about product, code, startups and podcasts. Highly recommend you to join if you use whatsapp .

Also newsletter helps you convert first time viewers into recurring viewers . Hashnode has an inbuilt newsletter . Soon you will be able to send custom messages in the newsletter too .

I am learning react and next.js and it is very exciting. Will share my journey from vue to react soon. Follow here and stay tuned

Here are all my socials where we could chit chat .